Invention Carotid IMT enables predictions

Invention Carotid IMT enables predictions

Jacques Barth, the principal researcher of TreeGenes, is an internationally renowned and consulted top researcher. In addition to being the research director of TreeGenes, he also still practices as a cardiologist. Below you can see his invention, the Carotid Intima Media Thickness + Plaque. It is used for the standardized echographic measurement of the entire route of the carotic artery (carotis) including the arteria carotis communis, the bulbus, and the external and internal carotis longitudinally as well as cross-sectionally. C-IMT+P is a method for the non-invasive diagnosis of arteriosclerosis. The C-IMT+P is used to measure the thickness of the wall of the blood vessel, the extent of stenosis (narrowing) and the presence and nature of the plaque formation in the artery. The extent of C-IMT+P progression is directly related to the risk of future cardiovascular illness. The measurement of the thickness of the carotis intima media and the plaque is a valid, reproducible non-stressful and non- invasive method for diagnosing arteriosclerosis. (text thanking

Why is this invention so important?

In language a layman will understand, what it amounts to is that with this measuring instrument, you can see whether you can adequately treat the clogging of the arteries, which is sure to lead to a stroke in time, before the patient falls ill. In some cases combined with medication or for example a healthier eating pattern and lifestyle, in a customized way all kinds of heart-related problems can be avoided.

Conclusion: Jacques Barth has provided an instrument that enables us to make predictions about strokes and cerebral hemorrhages.

Are you intrigued by your artery walls and do you want to know more about them?


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