Preliminary Results presented

Preliminary Results presented

At the Conference Medical Review Auschwitz: Medicine Behind The Barbed Wire (Krakow May 5-8) that was followed by MIRCIN (McMaster University Department of Medicine from May 9-11), Jacques Barth MD, PhD presented the preliminary results of the TreeGenes study. This study assesses the impact of the Holocaust on physical /psychosomatic aspects on offspring, notably the Dutch Jewish Second Generation.

The results show an excessive cardiovascular morbidity in the study group. The disease appeared to be active.

The preliminary results confirm the results of American and Israeli scientists that have been studying similar populations.

In addition, the use of medication is significantly higher, notably psychotropic medication such as antidepressants and anxiolytics. Sometimes, the daily dose used, was found to be so high that the effectiveness of the medication is unclear.

Medication is generally being prescribed by general practitioners and psychiatrists. The use of the prescribed medication is long-term, sometimes even decades. There is hardly any adjustment to the medication, and it is regularly provided automatically.

That the long-term use of the same medication results in physical complaints is unclear.

The treatment is generic and not specific. The individual need for psychological support is and remains high. New treatment options for P (ost) T (raumatic) S (tress) D (isorder) seem not to be instituted.

No personal conclusions can be drawn from the above data. The individual measurement data is currently being worked out. Participants in the study receive their report according to agreement and only after personal contact, (if desired) with accompanying explanation.

Scientific papers are in progress and are being submitted to peer reviewed journals.

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